DevFestAhm – GDGAhmedabad 2015 – Awesome experience

GDG DevFest Ahmedabad 2015

Google Developer Group is Open for all including students, newbies, developers and anyone for all who are interested in Google technologies. It is Gujarat, India based open group for people who are interested in Google’s developer technology; everything from the Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial.

They plan regular meetup/events to discuss, share experience, share and get knowledge amongst the group. Anyone can request for delivering the talk and for sharing their expertise, in particular, technology. I think this is very helpful to students as well technology persons to meet each other and get knowledge about trending technologies.

Yesterday, 27th December 2015, the grant event #DevFest was organized by Google Developer Group of Ahmedabad. The event was special as it was whole day event with more than 10+ sessions of awesome speakers. The crowd is full of students, software engineers, teachers, professors, SEOs and from the different profession.

In DevFest, they call for speakers and invite participants of the different era. This event is free of cost and anyone having the interest can get participate. Among all speakers, they filter out extraordinary speakers and their topics. Also, they filter out participants who are really interested in.

Some hightlights on speakers and their topics

  • Dushyantsinh Jadeja : Introduction to App Indexing
  • Utpal Betai : The keynote
  • Manoranjan Padhy : Predicting with Google
  • Prakash Bhagat : Technical Debt & Sonar Qube
  • Dinesh Prajapati : IONIC, One hub for building & Scaling incredible Application
  • Harsh Dattani : Develop a Secure Droid Application
  • Parth Devariya : Fly High! – A Google cloud platform experience
  • Dipal Vyas : Extending Google Apps/Spreadsheet using Google Apps Script
  • Manan Jadhav : AngularFire : Building heroic and extraordinary apps
  • Paresh Mayani : Engineering Android Applications for Performance and Quality
  • Chintan Rathod : Demystify Android Permission
  • Dhrumil Shah : Getting into REAL(M) business by Dumping SQLite

The event was so much wonderful because of GDGAhmedabad teams’ day night effort to organize the venue, calling speakers, website, invitations, gifts, banners, photography, sponsors, social media sharing and so much hard work which I can’t explain. But yes, their hard work and team tuning are amazing and fabulous.

In the team, I would like to say its GDG Ahmedabad family, is full of energetic persons. Paresh Mayani, Dhrumil Shah, Dhruva Shashtri, Vaibhavi Desai, Pratik Patel are backbone of it and without their hard work, this community can’t grow. I am feeling proud to say I am part of that family.

I remember when I first time met @Paresh Mayani, I found him very passionate about Android and I was really impressed by his knowledge regarding technology. He every time encourages me to participate and writing the blog. He gave me previously chance to speak on “Explore Marshmallow : Android App Permission” at the regular event at @LetsNurture. I am very much thankful to this community that they give me a chance to present myself on the stage of DevFest. My topic was “Demystify Android Permission” and delivered a speech in such a big and amazing event.

At last, I would like to say that just get participate in such grant event. You will get 3 benefits. First, you will get knowledge free of cost, you will meet awesome people and Third, you will get free food whole day :D.

If you would like to get notify for regular events and such grant event organized by GDG Ahmedabad, just register and join this Google Developer Group – Ahmedabad Meetup page.

Stay tuned
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GDG DevFest 2015

GDG DevFest 2015

DevFestAhmedabad - Core Team, Chintan Rathod, Dhruva Shashtri, Pratik Patel, Dhrumil Shah & Paresh Mayani

DevFestAhmedabad – Core Team, Chintan Rathod, Dhruva Shashtri, Pratik Patel, Dhrumil Shah & Paresh Mayani

DevFestAhm - They Keynote Speaker - Utpal Betai

DevFestAhm – They Keynote Speaker – Utpal Betai

DevFestAh - Dushyantsinh Jadeja , Program Manager - Developer Relations, Google India

DevFestAh – Dushyantsinh Jadeja , Program Manager – Developer Relations, Google India

DevFestAh - Paresh Mayani

DevFestAh – Paresh Mayani

Chintan Rathod - Demystify Android Permission

Chintan Rathod – Demystify Android Permission

DevFestAhm - Parth Devariya

DevFestAhm – Parth Devariya

DevFestAhm - Harsh Dattani

DevFestAhm – Harsh Dattani

DevFestAhm - Parth Devariya

DevFestAhm – Parth Devariya

DevFestAhm - Dhrumil Shah

DevFestAhm – Dhrumil Shah

DevFestAhm - Manoranjan Padhy

DevFestAhm – Manoranjan Padhy

DevFestAhm - Dipali Vyas

DevFestAhm – Dipali Vyas

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