Android 6.0 “M” – new features rumours and release date

Google is providing a newer version of Android OS each year. This time also we are expecting a newer version of Android 6.0 by the end of this year.

Nexus 6 as the first device which was available with Android Lollipop version in October 2014. Now, this version of Android is ruling the world. When Android 5.0 “L” was not released in 2014, all experts started making assumptions regarding features and name of this Android version.

Right now, we don’t have any idea about what are the features will be provided in Android 6.0 “M” and what will be the name of this version. Based on the poll of, the majority of votes are goes to Muffin” and “Marshmallow”. Next version might be called like “Mocha Java Cake”, “Macaroon”, “Meringue”, “Milkshake”, “Mousse”, “Mars”, “Milky Way” or something else.

Watch following video to get some concept of proposed features Android 6.0 “M” probably “Muffin” :)

Expected Features 

According to graphic designers, new version will bring some exciting features like Multi-window support, new eye-catching opening and closing application animation as well quick reply in heads up notification which is not provided in other mobile Operating Systems.

Unfortunately, this version of Andriod 6.0 “M” contains the majority of Material design concept.

Release Date

A possible release date of Android 6.0 “M” will be October or November 2015 as previous lollipop version was released in Google I/O June, 2014 and launched on October 2014. We can expect an announcement of Android 6.0 “M” in Google I/O 2015 in June (Source:

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